Special interest

Dear sir:
Greetings from Georgetown! My name is Sam Ward. I am originally from the U.S. but have been living up here in Canada for about 12 years now. I am 45 years old and totally blind.
I have really only been to the Toronto and Peterborough areas in the province but I have always had a special interest in the northern section.
In this regard, I must mention that I am so glad your newspaper is available on the Internet because it means I can keep abreast of the news and activities happening in the Fort Frances area. Incidentally, I am able to read material on the Internet using a special speech package which reads to me in a synthetic voice.
Thanks so much for making your newspaper available on the ’Net.
Being blind, one of my big interests is radio, and I have a particular interest in CFOB. I would like very much to get a couple of tapes of the station for my collection. What I am most interested in hearing are local newscasts, community announcements, and any local talk show if the station has them.
In short, I am interested in hearing anything that would give me a feeling for the atmosphere and personality of the Fort Frances area.
I have a recording of the station from back in 1986, and at that time, it used to air personal messages phoned in by people in the outlying areas that didn’t have their own telephones.
Does this situation still exist? If so, I wouldn’t mind hearing a few more of these special message segments since the person that recorded the messages back in 1986 was driving in his car, and was not that close to Fort Frances, so the recording had lots of static.
Obviously, anyone who wants to can make a tape for me but I also would love to hear from the radio station because my roommate also is a radio enthusiast and collects things like radio station bumper stickers, key chains, coverage maps, etc.
So, CFOB, if you have any of that kind of material, I would love to be able to give it to my roommate as well as getting a nice studio aircheck for my collection.
My e-mail address is samward54@hotmail.com. My mailing address is 10 Guelph St., Georgetown, Ont., L7G 3Y9.
Thanks in advance to you folks at the Fort Frances Times for publishing this letter, and thanks to everyone in advance who has been willing to help me.
Sam Ward