Speaking volumes

Randy Crampton

Dear editor:
Please let me start off with stating how proud I am, as a Canadian, and how much I agree with the decision that our new federal government made regarding providing the many thousands of Syrian refugees a safe and healthy place to call home and raise their families.
I truly believe that which makes this country so great is its diversity and its generosity to those who are in need of it the most.
I was happy to see the prime minister and the premier of Ontario welcoming those first refugees to land in Canada, handing out warm coats to make them comfortable in our cold winters, setting up special education programs to assist them with the change of country, language, government processes, etc., and providing them assistance in obtaining employment so they can be productive members of society and ultimately provide for their families.
What continues to bother me about this great country of ours, though, is how come we can’t deliver those same successes to some of our own citizens?
Yes, I talking about our First Nations’ people.
Would those same politicians feel comfortable and proud to relocate those Syrian refugees to a community that has the same standards of living that the majority of the First Nation communities in this country are experiencing, as opposed to the cities where they were sent to?
If the answer is “no,” then that speaks volumes in itself.
Randy Crampton
Red Lake, Ont.