Speak out now

Dear editor:
Thank you for this space to vent a public opinion.
Are you satisfied with your Hydro One billing? My concern is why we should all be responsible for its debt?
The former Ontario Hydro accumulated a debt of $38 billion and it’s the people of Ontario who are made responsible to pay it down.
Since the debt retirement charge is neither a “goods” nor a “service,” it should not be subject to tax, be it provincial or federal. Yet Hydro One and our government still are collecting G.S.T. and P.S.T.—extra money that is not being applied to the retirement debt.
Please write to Dalton McGuinty, the premier of Ontario, Legislative Building, Queen’s Park, Toronto, Ont., M7A 1A1. Tell him your views; they don’t pay our debts, so why does this debt fall on each one of us?
If we don’t speak out now, our so-called democracy soon will be a full-fledged dictatorship. We are close enough to that now!
One concerned taxpayer,
Rachelle Korchak
Pinewood, Ont.