Some observations

Dear editor:
With all those letters to the editor in the Nov. 1 edition of the Fort Frances Times, I was most impressed. I’ve been reading your paper since the early 1970s and can’t recall such feedback.
People are “offended, speechless, saddened, giving up. . . .” Much of it has to do with your upcoming municipal election. They are speaking out.
I believe most people who run for public office do so to attempt change and offer a different point of view in spite of the personal sacrifice involved. These people have principles and aspirations that they offer to the electorate, stand by them, and defend them.
I have run in three municipal elections in Manitoba and wish to share these observations. There are many similarities to yours.
#1. It should be made a condition of living in the community that all taxpayers either run for a term on council or field a few calls at home.
I am certain that listening to some of what is offered on the other end of a call would be very sobering and go a long way to tempering many hostile feelings.
#2. Sitting at a council table always reminds me of a Rolling Stones song: “You can’t always get what you want but if you try sometimes you can get what you need.”
It’s a compromise. Not everyone will be happy or disappointed every time. It’s not a war.
#3. I lost my first election. I’ve been elected in two others. Watching friends and neighbours turn away from me because of decisions I’ve made as councillor, I wonder what could be the biggest disappointment?
Sadly, it could be winning at all.
John Bekeris
St. Claude, Man.