Solution needed

To the editor:
I’m writing in regards to a problem that is occurring all over Rainy River District. We have a huge deer problem.
In the last three nights, I have had my petunia bed completely destroyed by deer who pulled up the plants, bit them off, and stomped all over what was left.
This bed represents a lot of hard work—first digging it with a spade, then planting 10 dozen petunias, and watering and mulching it for the last six weeks.
It seems that we no longer can have flower gardens, vegetable gardens, and fruit trees in our area that are not destroyed by deer. They also urinate on hay bales left in the fields so that the farmers’ cattle will not eat them.
Then there is the problem of driving our roads in the evenings and at night. You are risking life and limb. The roadsides no longer are maintained, so we have brush, long grass, and cane growing right up to the sides of the road.
You continually are at risk of an accident when a deer jumps right out in front of you at close range. There have been countless accidents on Highway 600 in the last few years.
We continually are at risk from these creatures. Does someone have to be badly injured or killed before something can be done about this problem?
In Manitoba, the road right-of-ways have long, sloping ditches that can be mowed and kept clean. Often the farmers mow them and bale the hay, thereby helping with the maintenance.
Why can’t Ontario have the same thing?
What is wrong with our country? Why have we slipped so far backwards that road allowances that were kept up in past years are allowed to grow in and are a risk to all who use them? Where are our tax dollars going that they are not used to improve our country roads?
When is something going to be done about the problem of deer? They are beautiful animals out in the wild, but they are destroying all that we are trying to enjoy in our own yards.
Yours truly,
Margaret V. Kreger
RR #1, Rainy River, Ont.