Snow removal suggestion

Wm. Krukoski

Dear editor:
With the heavy volume of snow this winter, together with an aging population, the number of handicapped and single persons, those on fixed incomes, and even working couples, snow and its removal is not only problematic, but a hardship.
I, therefore, would like to place the following suggestion forward for town council’s consideration.
I would like to see a Public Works community snow removal crew created that would clean driveways, parking lots, walkways, roofs, etc. and then haul the snow away.
I would like to see this crew paid from user fees, established for this service, charged directly to the homeowners.
To start this program, a committee would have to be created to determine if snow cleaning for the public would generate positive revenue and, if feasible, determine the actual snow removal costs.
Costs should incorporate full employee, machine, and administrative costs, with a profit for Public Works.
This work does not have to be done on the day shift, but scheduled appropriately to meet both Public Works and taxpayer demand for the service and necessary equipment.
A list should be developed where taxpayers, big and small, could phone Public Works and be placed on the list for the snow they wish to have removed. They could be billed at the end of each month for services rendered.
I believe there would be a large demand for this service and, if implemented, would create a few jobs and assist those in our community in need of these services while bringing in new revenue for the town.
Public Works has, or is able to secure, the manpower and equipment (i.e., sidewalk plow, front-end loaders, graders, sanders, etc.) to make this all happen. What is required is a management structure to carry it out.
I trust I will hear back from council as per its position on this matter.
Yours truly,
Wm. Krukoski
Fort Frances, Ont.