Smokers also have rights

Dear sir:
I know you are probably very tired of the smoking debate, but I hope you can stand just one more letter.
I, too, am a non-smoker and that’s my choice—no one is telling me I have to smoke to be like them, nor could they. As a non-smoker, I have the choice to go into a bar or restaurant where there are people who smoke, I have the choice to sit where I want, to eat where I want, to be where I want.
A choice!
Now you are thinking of taking the choices away from smokers. I believe they also have rights. We do have businesses in Fort Frances that are smoke-free and that again was their choice. Those businesses are doing fine economically speaking.
I don’t feel that any business should be forced to ban smoking. You can’t take those choices away from your citizens.
You also should realize that we live on a border town and you will find you will lose a lot of business to International Falls because they can smoke. You may think this may not have an impact on whether or not they go to the Falls, but it will. Guaranteed.
Tourism also is an issue—I know many, very many people who refuse to go to Duluth anymore because they cannot enjoy a smoke.
Smoking is an issue to look at, but do you honestly think the people of Duluth are healthier because they can’t smoke in public? Does it matter how many places have had to close because they have no customers?
We are a small town, we can’t afford to lose any more businesses, can we?
As I stated in the beginning, I am a non-smoker, but I do not believe I have the right to make that choice for everyone. If it is so important to Dr. Sarsfield to take legal action against someone, then tell him to take it against the tobacco companies and make selling cigarettes illegal.
While he’s at it, maybe he also should get rid of cars (they cause accidents), preservatives in food (they cause cancer), salt (bad for your blood pressure), fast-food restaurants (much too fattening/bad cholesterol). I could go on.
Please get real Dr. Sarsfield. There’s not much that can’t kill you anymore—is there?
Mrs. L. Caul
P.S. I wish that I could have attended the meeting last night but I have to work. I’d like to ask you if you eat bacon or eggs, if you eat steak, if you drink, if you fly in a plane, if you drive?
I’m curious. Do you ever put yourself at risk?