Smell the roses

Mr. Editor:
Just thought I would like to respond to Mr. Kielczewski’s letter to the editor two weeks ago.
I certainly agree with him that the MNR should close the walleye season on March 15 instead of April 15. The walleye at least would have that extra month before they spawn.
Yet another thing I’d like the MNR to do is to bring the spring bear hunt back. Last week going up the Cedar Narrows Road, my buddy and I counted 27 black bears up to Lawrence Lake and back.
And they wonder what is happening to the moose population?
When applying for an adult moose tag, the number of tags available are unbelievably low. It doesn’t take much homework to know what is happening.
It’s getting worse all the time because of these mistakes with the management system. Let’s do something before it’s too late!
Yours truly,
Lorne McNay
(No adult tag
since 1997)