Small business dropped

Dear editor,

As a small business we’ve been providing lawn care & snow clearing services for the sister Kennedy centre since 2003.

This past spring – during the pandemic lockdown- we were informed that the Town of Fort Frances had decided our lawn care services were no longer required (we were replaced by a “robotic mower”)but would keep us on for snow clearing.

Imagine my surprise when we were informed that the Town of Fort Frances had decided our snow clearing services were no longer required effective immediately… all this during the Covid pandemic while trying to keep our small, family business afloat.

Please note that the Sister Kennedy Centre seniors workshop has been opening two days/week and the sidewalks there provide ready access to St Mary’s Church for seniors with walkers and who have difficulty walking there from the Columbus Place apartments.

We have properly maintained this area for our seniors for 17+ years now, with virtually no complaints. (I’m 67… a senior too… just trying to provide the best service possible) We realize that the Covid lockdowns have been hard on everyone and we are just one small casualty among thousands…

The town wants us to keep paying our property taxes and business licensing fees but takes away part of our income that is spent locally, supporting other small businesses in our community.

And all this time I believed that our Mayor & counsel truly supported small local businesses!

Thanks Fort Frances… very much appreciated… Happy New Year!

Frank Fraser