Slap in the face

Dear sir:
I would like to discuss a few of the Rainy River District School Board’s comments regarding the closure of Alberton Central School.
I am one of the Alberton Township residents who is willing to donate my time as a maintenance tradesman—free of charge—to the renovations at the school. I am insulted and offended that the board feels a bunch of country hicks could not renovate a bathroom to code.
There are many talented and professional tradespeople who have committed to volunteering time in order to keep Alberton School open, and I think Mr. McBride’s comments made at the last board meeting were a slap in the face!
I have no intention of “meeting on a Saturday afternoon and start patching up” the school. Myself and the other professional tradespeople, who committed their time, take this work very seriously.
I saw the list of people who would volunteer their professional services. Frankly, if the board has these people working for Murray Quinn and his maintenance crew, Alberton School would not be in the shape it is now!
As for the issue of taking away union jobs, this is just another excuse. This renovation most likely would be contracted out and would have nothing to do with their maintenance union issues.
The list of people who were willing to donate time included two local businesses that could bid and stand behind the job. They are willing to do it for free. Why look a gift horse in the mouth?
Lastly, I am disappointed that the board cannot see how much this school means to our community, and will not (at the very least) sit down with Danielle Robinson or Mr. LeMay to give them some specific goals to work towards.
As Gord McBride said, the two issues are money and enrolment. So give the community an exact dollar amount required to keep the school open, the number of students they need to have enrolled, and then work together to find a solution.
Sounds simple.
Danielle Robinson and the community of Alberton are ready to work at it. Is the board?
David Petsnick
Alberton resident