Site still opposed

Dear editor:
After attending the public meeting on Monday, Feb. 18, I am still opposed to the proposed abattoir site in Emo. Neither council nor the abattoir committee said anything to guarantee me that our fears about this abattoir will not be realized.
The streets that the added traffic from the abattoir will be on have no sidewalks. We have a concern about this traffic, and no one can guarantee us that there will be no foul smells created by the abattoir, polluting our neighbourhood.
The people who want the abattoir seem to think that the residents of Emo are a bunch of frantic idiots. Would they not have the same fears if the abattoir was being built so close to their homes?
We have been told the smell coming from the abattoir will be insignificant; if it is not, our homes will be worthless and our quality of life will be compromised. Is that not a valid fear?
Trucks and trailers travelling through the streets in our neighbourhood will increase the risks our kids face while walking on these streets, whether it be to and from school or simply walking the dog. Is that not a valid fear?
Some of the proponents of the abattoir were laughing condescendingly and whispering at the meeting while the opponents of the abattoir were speaking.
They have nothing to lose if this abattoir is built in its current proposed location. But if our fears are realized, the residents of Emo have everything to lose and nothing to gain.
We are not against the farmers of this area; we understand the need for an abattoir in our district. We cannot be expected, however, to sit back and let an abattoir be built in our town that has the potential to make our homes worthless and compromise the quality of life we have as residents of Emo.
The RRDRAI had several sites to choose from when deciding where to build the abattoir. The people of Emo have been given no choice, and ultimately no say, in where the abattoir will be built.
We are the people who will be impacted most by the abattoir; should we be given any consideration?
Our town council apparently doesn’t think so as our request for a referendum was flatly refused.
Mervon Hartlin
Emo, Ont.