Sit up and write

Dear fellow Canadians:
Each year as I hear the line, “If ye break faith with us who die, we shall not sleep though poppies grow in Flanders Fields,” I wonder how many more ways can we break that faith?
Some of the worst “bad faith bargains” that irritate me are:
•the removal of the line item right to own private property, or just compensation for it, from our Constitution in 1982.
•the Canadian flag, rich with history and tradition, which few see and less remember, seems to have vanished without a trace.
•chaplains are no longer employed with the military, or the old folks’ homes. Who needs them more–the living or the dying?
•God, whom they try to speak for, has been kicked out of parliament, and now Svend Robinson has fired the first shot to have Him written out of the Constitution.
•then there’s NAFTA, metric, no-fault divorce, endless social programs, way too much red tape, just wasting money and adding to our $600 billion debt, etc. ad nauseam.
The horse (freedom) is nearly out with not much more than the shoe left in the barn door. We have to shut it fast.
Let’s start–or continue for some–by demanding accountability from the federal government in explaining honestly the Nisga’a agreement. As I understand it, this document gives the Nisga’a Nation “sovereign status!” We had a referendum when Quebec was about to get unique status within Canada, and said no.
Why would Canadians accept an agreement that gives away Canada’s sovereignty?
If Canada is not sovereign, what are we? What governing body will protect us from ruthless multinational companies or a totalitarian global state? These men and women we just “remembered” fought to prevent a global takeover and won.
Have we forgotten that Hitler was trying to establish the “new millennium.” He pales in comparison to some of the other leaders we’ve seen in this century alone.
Fellow Canadians, this is our 11th hour! Write and tell MP Bob Nault, Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, Reform leader Preston Manning, our U.N. rep., the Queen, or anyone else you can think of that we want a sovereign Canada–and not sovereign nations within a sovereign nation because there is no such thing.
Furthermore, an alliance with the Commonwealth is no threat. It’s the utopian globalist dream/nightmare that seems to cloud every issue these days that needs to be destroyed.
It is said that it took 10 men behind the lines to keep one going at the front. What if we all sent 10 letters a month to those in power? These ideologues wear us down, paid by our tax dollars, so we volunteer, we “sit up and write,” just as the soldiers “stood up to fight?”
Please pick up your pen, computer, or telephone and speak for your country. You don’t even need a stamp.
We can make a difference. Just recently NAMBA’s book was delisted with because enough people cared enough to write and protest to make a difference.
Ruth Teeple