Sincere thanks

Dear sir:
On behalf of The Arthritis Society, I would like to express my gratitude for the dedication and perseverance of Shirley and Ray Dolph, who co-ordinated our door-to-door canvass this year.
My sincere thank you also goes out to all the individual volunteer canvassers who gave of their private time and unwavering support to go door-to-door to raise money for arthritis research.
Thank you to those who make in memoriam donations in memory of a loved one who suffered with arthritis. These precious gifts ensure care for so many. And thank you to those businesses and staff who participate in “dress down days” and designate corporate funds to the Arthritis Society.
My sincere gratitude to the loyal community groups such as the Knights of Columbus Councils and the Royal Canadian Legions. We value your commitment to our cause.
A last special thank you to the many employees who designate The Arthritis Society as their charity of choice for payroll giving.
Thank you for your hard work, your commitment, and your strong belief in the good work The Arthritis Society does in this community to benefit local residents.
It is important for our community to know that your donations aren’t just pooled somewhere down south. Your donations have a significant impact on your fellow citizens.
Individuals with arthritis in the north have efficient access to cutting-edge medications, therapies, and services as a result of the work of The Arthritis Society and your donations.
Effective programs and services are administered across the north by The Arthritis Society, providing no-cost physiotherapy and counselling on arthritis issues.
Your dollars make a difference locally. On behalf of the more than one in four people in the north who rely and benefit from your donations, we thank you.
Dawn Larsen
The Arthritis Society