Simple solution

Dear editor:
I’m writing in regards to the article on the old Cloverleaf store in Emo that appeared in last week’s Times, under the bold headline: “Solution needed when butchering wild game.”
First you say not everyone would like to view this. My solution is just don’t look at it.
Second, you say children have to view the leftover carcasses when they attend the resource centre. Children aren’t going to look at the trailer of carcasses if they don’t want to. And even if they do, it’s a lot better than all the trash that most kids watch on TV or video games.
Third, you say “and what about a smell?” Well, I’ve hauled quite a few carcasses away to my bait piles (I’m a trapper) and the butchers at Cloverleaf don’t leave the carcasses sit there long enough to have much of a smell.
And if you look at the picture in last week’s paper, you don’t see any scraps lying around on the ground.
As far as the birds and dogs, well, I’m sure the birds aren’t going to hurt anything. It’s actually good feed for the birds. And the dogs, well, they shouldn’t be left to run the streets of Emo anyway.
And I really don’t see how the carcasses sitting there could be unhealthy; and the part about the walls is kind of ridiculous when all you have to do is not look if you don’t want to see it.
And the trailer being parked inside the shed? Why carry the carcasses another 40 feet or so when you don’t have to? It’s easy enough to say when you’re not the one doing it. It just doesn’t make sense.
So this is my solution. If you don’t like the look of the carcasses or seeing deer skinned, just don’t look or watch it. It’s just that simple!
Shawn Woodgate
Devlin, Ont.