Sign needed

Dear editor:
I have crossed the international bridge here many, many, many times over the years knowing full well how long the lines can be on a hot Saturday afternoon in the middle of summer.
No matter which way you are going–north or south–you can expect a wait.
I try not to go to the States at these times but there are the rare Saturdays when it cannot be avoided. So I turn the radio on and in the line I go–and I wait. I am prepared. No worries–I have the radio, I have A/C. I’m good to go!
Inch by inch, the line moves forward. I know not to be in a hurry (by the way, where are those ice cream carts?).
For about a minute-and-a-half, we move at a pretty good pace and then we stop! We stop and we sit. We sit because traffic has stopped on the corner of Central Avenue and Scott Street.
Aargh!! That dreaded red light has got us again. Three or four vehicles cut into the line because there is an opening and they do not care if the boat that they are towing is halfway across the intersection.
They are squeezing in and so are their friends travelling behind them. Frustrating!
Our light has turned green again. Yay! We are on the go again. We’re on a roll–moving two or three car lengths this time. And it stops!
Years ago (yep, I’m old), the town used to put signs in tire rims at the intersection of Church/Central and Scott/Central. They were perfect! Kudos to the town for making no left turn from Second Street to Central. That has helped!
Why do people stop and wait at Scott/Central? It does say, “Right turn permitted on red.” But (there’s always a but) the law says, “Right turn permitted if the traffic is clear.” So those nice li’l tourists wait.
I’m asking if it would be possible to put a very nice sign at the end of Scott Street, right above the “International Bridge” sign, that says, “U.S. traffic must go to the end of the line–no left turn May thru September.”
That would be so wonderful.
If you’ve ever been in any of the bridge lineups, you feel my pain. There has to be an easy solution.
Thank you,
LuAnne Caul
Fort Frances, Ont.