Shudder to think

Dear editor:
When I listen to Doug Ford, I hear Donald Trump and shudder to think what will be left of our province should they [the Progressive Conservatives] assume power.
After listening to the leaders’ debate [held May 27], all I heard from Doug Ford was that he was going to make Ontario great again and blaze a new trail for everyone. No explanation on method of doing so.
Didn’t we hear that same line from Donald Trump?
Doug Ford does not have any plan for the next four years. Create jobs–how? Cut taxes–from what? Past performance is no indication of the future but it sure can be a good indicator.
I am not advocating any particular party as I am not a card-carrying member of any party. However, please get out and vote and make your wishes known, especially if you like our socialized health-care system and want to keep it.
This isn’t fake news!
Randy Wilde
Fort Frances, Ont.