Dear Mr. Editor:
I would like to correct Coun. Wiedenhoeft. Matters of public health care are not to be kept secret, and the act he refers to does not allow council to hide these documents—nor suppress the $1 million of taxpayers’ money—to the point where the public cannot receive, review, comment on, and participate in these matters when we request information from council.
A democracy does not work that way.
I would be interested in knowing from you or any member of council, or town administration, pointing to the public the legal authority which allows you to hide these documents, and continues to allow you to hide these documents, even though you made decisions that have severe ramifications on the public in Fort Frances and the district, including First Nations.
I care about health care, and I honestly detest the fact that I have been short-circuited in a process that I have every right to participate in. Public health care is just that—public.
Thank you,
Bill Krukoski
Fort Frances, Ont.