Shocking sentence

Dear editor:
I am writing in response to the Tetu sentencing in last week’s paper. I was shocked and appalled at how easy he got off. Ten years for manslaughter—and he can apply for parole in five.
I think he got off pretty easy considering Deanna is serving a life sentence herself. She will never be back. She won’t see her children grow up, graduate, or get married. She’ll never know what it is like to be a grandmother.
Everything was taken from her in a flash, and why? Because the man who fathered her children, and who she thought loved her, had been drinking, had an argument with her, and blacked out and shot her.
That is no excuse for taking a human life. Do they think Deanna’s life was not worth more?
I feel truly sorry for the Daw family. For the court to let Mike say how sorry he was is pathetic. What about what the victim’s family had to say. Patsy, Stuart, and Bonnie should have had their say. They didn’t get to let him know how much it hurt them, what he took away, and what they have to live with for the rest of their lives.
I don’t know the people taking care of Kristina and Billy but I hear they are wonderful with them. Anyone who would even consider giving the children back when he is out are heartless. He took their mother for no good reason and should not have any rights to them as far as I’m concerned.
Another disgrace is the victim’s family having to pay lawyer’s fees while Mike’s was probably paid by taxpayers. If this is true, then maybe the taxpayers should have had a say. He probably would have got more than he did instead of a slap on the wrist.
No matter what anyone says, it will never bring Deanna back. But at least we know she’s someplace beautiful. After all, she herself was a beautiful person. She is for sure watching over her children and family from above. Mike, of course, is probably going in the opposite direction. I hope he thinks of this every day of his life.
For the Daw family, I feel sorry that something so precious had to be taken so very early. Hold on to the good memories of Deanna and I wish you the best.
As for Mike, maybe Deanna was right. For a man of your size to have to use a gun on a woman, maybe you are a “pathetic loser?” I hope you get everything you deserve when you get to where you’re going.
Tammy McQuaker
Emo, Ont.