Shameful theft

Dear Mr. Editor:
I would like to comment on an incident that has taken place in Fort Frances.
Last May, I made a concrete stepping stone (eight-inch diameter) with a stained glass inlay of a red petunia. It took me a long time to make it and was a real labour of love.
I brought it to Fort Frances and had it placed on my parents’ grave so that when the town planted the flowers there, it would be a lovely memorial to them.
A week later when my sister visited the grave, she was shocked to see the stone had been stolen.
What kind of person would steal from a grave. It was a one-of-a-kind stone with PG Stained Glass/05 written on the underside of it.
I hope the guilty person reads this letter and feels very ashamed. I hope every time you looks outside and see the stepping stone, you remember how you came to acquire it.
If, by some chance, someone has been given such a stone as a gift, would you return it to Riverside Cemetery. We have reported the incident to them and they would be more than happy to return it to my parents’ grave where it belongs.
Thank you for your time.
Pat Wicek,
Winnipeg, Man.