Shameful practice

Dear sir:
I live in the centre of Fort Frances, I like the quiet of the downtown and compared to many other locations where I’ve made my home, this place is generally quiet.
However, there are many nights that I am awoken to the sound of someone banging large items against the side of my house. This usually is immediately followed by the sound of car doors slamming and engines firing up.
The next morning when I go next door to discuss the noise with my neighbour, I find out that again someone was using the cover of night to drop of their junk off at the Salvation Army.
I have been informed the Salvation Army gets no variance or exemption from the tipping fees at the landfill site. All unsuitable items (and I have been told by Capt. Angel Sandoval that this includes the vast majority of the late-night drop-offs) have to be moved to the landfill at the cost of volunteer time, effort, and the added financial burden to the local Salvation Army—funds that could be used to assist those in genuine need.
Note: The Salvation Army is operated by paid and volunteer staff, and does not have the capability to rebuild low-grade furniture (and the majority of the stuff dropped off is in no condition to ever be repaired or rebuilt).
I recently moved back to Fort Frances after quite an extended absence. My wife is not from here, so this is her first impression living here after years in many other locals.
It is not a good statement of the respect for our community or for those who require assistance.
I am not writing this to dampen the spirit of the folks who are genuine in their hope to give to our fellow citizens, but to those members of the community who are trying to save themselves a trip to the dump (and the related fees).
If the item you are taking to the Salvation Army is not suitable for your family, if you would not give it, in good faith, to someone you knew and would meet on a regular basis (so you would have to listen to their complaint of how quickly it fell apart or the poor condition it was in), then maybe it is not suitable for delivery to the Salvation Army.
In closing, I hope this does not discourage those who wish to support those in need this time of year, but only to shame those who are too cheap and lazy to take their own garbage to the dump.
This is the time of year to be selfless, not selfish.
Let us start 2007 with self-respect—and respect for those who serve us and who need our assistance.
Merry Christmas
J.S.A. (Jesse) Adair
Fort Frances, Ont.