Shameful act

Dear editor:
On July 1, the Royal Canadian Legion Br. #29 in Fort Frances proudly presented their colours and marched with pride in the Canada Day parade.
In a highly-decorated float behind them sat our proud veterans. Not only did these people fight for freedom and honour, but for our future and our children’s future.
However proud we were that day, we were equally appalled the next when it was discovered that our float had been stripped of its Canadian flag beach towels purchased in Brandon, Man. just last week for this special event.
What is becoming of our community when people are willing to steal from those very people who brought us freedom? Shame on you and anyone who knows who committed this disrespectful act.
Because the Legion was to march in the July 4 parade over in International Falls, we needed to purchase further items to bestow on our desecrated float.
If you or anyone you know has or know who has these towels, please return them to the Legion and no questions will be asked.
We needn’t say anything. Your guilt should haunt your thoughts long enough.
Vanessa Hebert,
on behalf of the
Royal Canadian
Legion Br. #29