Dear editor:
I walk my dog in [Point] Park every day, and every day I pick up everyone else’s rubbish (as well as my own), then I take it home and put it in my rubbish bin.
The Town of Fort Frances (or its agents) locked all the rubbish bins in the park almost a month ago and there is nowhere for people to dispose of their rubbish.
So what do many people do? They toss it out of their cars, they leave their dogs’ feces on the ground, and they throw their coffee containers next to the lake.
At this time of year, the park still is being used by many people who have nowhere to leave their trash and do not possess the common sense to take it with them.
I am not a Canadian (I’m an Aussie) and since arriving in the Fort, I have been shocked by how the residents of Fort Frances treat their largest and prettiest park. To be quite honest, it is shameful.
This is a First World country. We are not in a poverty-stricken nation where people do not have the education to know that you should not pollute where you live.
If you can afford to drink coffee at one of Fort Frances’ esteemed coffee establishments, take your rubbish home. And your condoms.
May I also recommend that the Town of Fort Frances leave the rubbish bins open for all the visitors to the park, at least until it gets too cold to empty them.
I bet Winnipeg doesn’t lock its rubbish bins when the temperature sinks below 18 C!
Be proud of your town and respect your environment so we visitors can enjoy it.
Kylie Ellis
Fort Frances, Ont.