Shame on them

Dear sir:
For many years, federal Liberals claimed that free votes could not be allowed in the House of Commons. Their leaders claimed this would hinder the governing party from governing.
MPs from the Reform, the Canadian Alliance, and now the new Conservative Party consistently have stated otherwise.
Recently, a few Liberal MPs voted against their party and in case nobody noticed, the sky did not fall and Parliament is still in operation. I guess Conservatives were right after all.
Of course, regarding the issue at hand (same-sex marriage), the Liberal Party counted votes and had no need to force all their MPs to support the party line.
The Liberals’ anti-family agenda is firmly supported by their allies—the Bloc Quebecois and the Non-Democratic Party (which punishes MPs for voting for their constituents).
In my opinion, the Liberals allowed a few MPs to pacify voters in a few select ridings because they knew at the end of the day, the Liberal/Bloc/NDP bill would pass.
The Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal recently published a photo of Liberal MPs Joe Comuzzi and Ken Boshcoff grinning their faces off, having accomplished this feat. They want to be rewarded for their Conservative positions while asking you to vote for the Liberal Party’s agenda (fooling some of the people all the time, or all the people some of the time?)
Strange, though, at the end of the day, the way the national media has responded. For different reasons, the Conservatives and the Bloc opposed the “written on the back of a napkin” budget. Allegations of aiding and abetting separatists were levied against the Conservatives.
Now a full-blown partnership (on serious moral issues) has been consummated between the Bloc and Liberals.
The Liberal sponsorship program certainly promoted the separatist cause. Now they are working together to socially re-engineer our country.
Shame on them.
David Leskowski
Kaministiquia, Ont.
Editor’s note: David Leskowski is the candidate of record for Thunder Bay-Rainy River for the Conservative Party of Canada.