Senseless decision

Dear sir:
I am writing this letter on my own behalf in hopes Fort Frances residents will be aware of a decision their town council made at Monday night’s meeting.
The dispatch services that were provided by the Fort Frances Fire and Rescue Service, not only to our town but to the whole Rainy River District, has been given to the City of Dryden.
This means that after Jan. 1, if your house catches fire, your 9-1-1 calls will be answered by the Dryden police instead of your local firefighters.
If you have friends or family who live at Reef Point, in Rainy River, or anywhere in between, and they have a fire emergency, their call also will be answered in Dryden—not at the fire department in Fort Frances where the full-time firefighters on duty have an excellent knowledge of the area in which those volunteer fire departments service.
This was a source of revenue to Fort Frances as the other municipalities paid for this service.
Will this save the town money? I don’t know, but I think the people of our town deserve an explanation outlining the huge benefits that our community and district will receive by cutting full-time firefighters and paying another community a yearly sum to do the job that has been done at an exemplary level here in Fort Frances since Feb. 15, 1949.
We hear so much talk about shopping local and keeping our dollars and job local, and then our town council goes and offers the City of Dryden our dollars and services. It just doesn’t make sense to me.
If, in fact, there is some type of monetary savings attached to the fire dispatch being moved to Dryden, it should be noted that losing jobs over dispatch also takes away the many other functions and benefits the community receives from its professional firefighters.
Respectfully yours,
Rob Dokuchie
Fort Frances, Ont.