Senseless coward

Zzorhn “Joe” Carlson

Dear editor:
Once again, Fort Frances is plagued with vandalism!
On Nov. 7 at 11:20 p.m., someone took the liberty of throwing rocks through three of the front windows of my house!
They also attempted to break in, as evidenced by a broken screen on the front door.
The attack left broken glass strewn all over the sidewalk, and the two through-and-through left a variety of sizes of glass throughout the house! More devastating: the two front windows belong to my five-year-old daughter’s room!
That’s right; my little girl woke to glass shards all over her bed, two glass figurines shattered, her toys mixed with debris, window shades torn, and with the November wind blowing through the shattered remains of her sanctity!
The one rock was still lodged in the double-paned window, but the second rock landed a foot from her head while she slept!
I’m nearly speechless about this blatantly, senseless destruction. However, I do have a message for those who perpetrated the attack. . . .
You brainless coward! You endangered the life of my child! You may think you only broke someone’s front window, but the truth is worse. You destroyed my daughter’s serenity!
She is scared that there are bad people coming to get her due to your act of stupidity!
I spent two-and-a-half hours cleaning up today [Tuesday], not including the half-hour outside. We pulled our daughter’s room apart to ensure we got all traces of the tiny, sharp shards from her toys, bed, clothing, and knick-knacks.
I will have to board up the front windows until I get a chance to fix or replace them.
But I’m afraid that my daughter’s serenity will be harder to fix!
Thank you,
Zzorhn “Joe” Carlson