Sensational scientist!

Dear editor:
Recently, I had the opportunity to take my Grade 1/2 science students to Mr. Brian Church’s classroom at the high school to observe some lab demonstrations.
The students currently are learning about liquids and solids, and Mr. Church agreed to my request to have them see some science in action.
What a fantastic experience! The children were in complete amazement as they observed a multitude of exciting demonstrations, including creating a fireball from a gas-filled balloon, making a replica of Marg Simpson’s “hair” by heating up a mystery liquid, and trying to make a cornstarch/water mixture splash.
The grand finale was a loud explosion which resonated throughout the halls (and which resulted in three of my students hopping up onto my lap to take cover)!
Many thanks to Mr. Church for his enthusiasm and willingness to instill a love of learning in my young students. He clearly has a passion for his work and is a credit to his profession.
Shar Gilbert
J.W. Walker School