Self-serving approach

Dear sir:
This letter is in regards to the parking issues raised by Family and Children’s Services and 1578289 Ontario Ltd.
The development stages of their complex should have had visitor parking worked into their overall plan. What did F.A.C.S. do at their old location? They certainly didn’t have 40 parking spots in their old lease!
It is very bold of F.A.C.S. and 1578289 Ontario Ltd. to suggest that downtown employees move their vehicles to the municipal parking lot to suit their needs.
I wonder how the retail outlets on Portage and Mowat, and the residents of First Street East, feel about two-hour parking?
F.A.C.S. and 1578289 Ontario Ltd. parking issues are certainly a problem, but their approach is very self-serving. Hopefully, our local councillors wouldn’t give this a second thought.
Todd Plourde
Fort Frances, Ont.