Seeking tips

Dear editor:
On the morning of Thursday, Sept. 21, my son was struck by a vehicle as he was crossing the street on his way to school.
The woman left the scene and never reported it, so I am asking for the public’s assistance in bringing this person to justice and raising awareness of a dangerous intersection, distracted driving, and the safety of our children.
Between 7:30-7:50 a.m. as he was crossing at a green light, my son was hit by a black SUV-type vehicle as it turned onto Keating Avenue from King’s Highway (near J.W. Walker School).
My son told me that when the woman got out of the car, she was holding a cellphone in her hand. A taxi driver has come forward and said what he saw was a woman in her mid-50s with blonde hair get out of the car.
This has been reported to the police and the investigating officer is R. Belluz. It would seem that all options for video footage have been checked and there are no cameras in the area that cover the intersection.
My son got away with minor physical injuries, but I believe this is a trauma he will have a hard time getting over. He’s nervous to ride his bike or scooter anywhere.
If you have any information about this, no matter how small, please contact Officer Belluz or text me at 275-8029. Thank you.
Also to the woman who hit my child, if your reading this, I hope you take a long, hard look at your life and re-evaluate the decisions you make.
I hope you realize how terrifying it can be for a child to be in an accident, to know he lives in a world where people care so little for his life, and where a grown woman can’t take responsibility for her mistakes.
What if this was your child? Shame on you!
Donalda Allen
Fort Frances, Ont.