Seeking solutions

Eric H. Rude

To the editor:
Thank you for last week’s space, and as a follow-up I am looking for solutions. I am hoping we can solve this.
I feel the town should promote development where it is best. Since the town now has chosen to enter the real estate market, or at least the property market, we need to examine all properties, not just past issues, and find small, easy short-term fixes for monetary gain.
If the sale of “Nelson Street Park” is to take place, where do the proceeds of the sale of the lots go? Is there a sale for all the lots? If so to whom, and how do we determine who gets what? Lottery? Highest bidder?
This is not long-term fair planning? How does the small amount of revenue from the sale of one, two, or all of the lots help develop Huffman School property, Erin Crescent, or other locations?
Maybe the south side of the 1200 block of Fifth Street East would give instant access to services such as needed. Then with proceeds, begin the planning process for either the Huffman property in stages or Erin Crescent, whereas the town can pre-sell lots, prior to infrastructure development, and a private holder cannot resell without existing infrastructure.
Erin Crescent can produce roughly 25 lots in a pre-planned and approved subdivision, and clearly would draw market price and help with the payment of the investment (was this not done with the condo project?)
And what is the status of the other condo project? Is that land for sale or being held (if so, for how long?)
Proper planning, both on the financial side and layout aspect, could and would include that of holding a debenture, and help the town put a long-term plan into place. I’m sure a proper quotation on the infrastructure could be attained from several qualified contractors.
This would seem like a proper course for the future to access this already planned and approved subdivision. The potential 25 lots would far surpass the little gain that would be attained by Nelson Street!
This would significantly contribute to a larger tax base to the Town of Fort Frances, plus satisfy present and future demand.
Remember, most building sites (and home styles) are based on location and the surrounding neighborhood and once built upon, they are done. The demand for many new potential homes may be being met by developments in outside areas, both west and east of town.
I would like to add that we are seeking to get some simple infrastructure to tie the “Nelson Street Park” into the river walkway/trail system—once and for all. A shelter, perhaps, and a few benches is a simple way to tie it in with a painted crosswalk.
Do we or does the town need to do that?
A service club may wish to help but needs an invitation from the town. And that is what the petition was about last time and this time!
I’m sure there could be easy ways of receiving donations to overcome any financial concerns the town may have.
I do not know all the answers, but I am trying to seek solutions.
Eric H. Rude
Fort Frances, Ont.