John Thorgrimson

Dear editor:
We who live in Fort Frances are so lucky to have a new highway going west. We can go the designated 90 clicks on a smooth surface.
Then we come to the CNR’s crossing and you had better grab that steering wheel with both hands.
The highway crew went right up to the tracks, however the CNR did not remove the 4x4s they use for the crossings. Nor did they replace the old ones, which are broken and have gaps large enough to swallow a Volkswagen.
We went for a drive to the Falls last week and decided to go east just to look around. We came to a crossing for Boise’s trains.
I got hold of the wheel expecting the normal smashing on my tires but there was nothing; the crossing was smooth.
What are we, second-class people who live in Canada? We buy all the products the CNR ships yet they expect us to put up with bad crossings?
Well, I guess we are second-class citizens because the CNR never puts in good crossings. Maybe they should go see the mill in the Falls; they know how to do things.
Come on, CNR, we pay your wages. No matter if we are the highest person on the totem pole, or a janitor who cleans up your messes, we pay your wages.
But I guess you just don’t care as long as the billions of dollars keep coming in, right?
John Thorgrimson
Fort Frances, Ont.