Seats needed

Dear Editor:
What happened to those lovely seats that were placed along the three main blocks downtown. I have talked to a number of seniors and they miss them. Seniors like to be independent and when able, go downtown on their own once in a while without bothering their families.
Unless people are in their 80’s or 90’s, like myself, they don’t realize that old people get tired very easy and need to sit down. Besides that, you might meet a friend or acquaintance and it’s nice to sit down and have a chat, and it’s interesting to browse in the stores and though old people usually don’t need too many extras, they might see something to buy for a helpful friend or relative.
Mentioning helpful friends, I needed to go to the post office one day, so the handi-van took me there. I then went out and started limping up the street, with the support of my cane, heading for Safeway, when a kind soul saw me and stopped me and gave me a ride there. May God bless him and many others who have offered me a ride. Thank God for the handi-van because it picks us up anywhere and takes us anywhere we want to go.
About the seats. Maybe a few merchants could chip in together and get a seat. It would service quite a few.
Perhaps some clubs could supply a seat or two. I mentioned this seat problem to our new mayor earlier this summer; maybe the council would see the need and supply a few seats–one or two. I am a 40 year member of the Royal Canadian Legion Auxiliary but I am one month lacking 93. So I haven’t been able to attend the meetings or I would have mentioned it to them.
Girls of the Legion—if you read my letter I know the thought has never occurred to you. Unless people are old and weak themselves, they don’t realize how much these seats are needed. There are a lot of old people in this town that would greatly appreciate this service.
So may God bless one and all who might be able to do something about getting seats scattered along the streets like before and may it continue through the coming years.
Thank you,
Edla Orwich
Elizabeth Manor