Save us a seat?!

Dear Fort Frances:
Hello from Calgary!
My lovely wife and I enjoy receiving the Times and reading about the grand structures your town is creating. Gosh, first a multi-use facility (sounds very complicated), then a state-of-the-art auditorium and now an Olympic-size arena!
However, we were very disappointed when the list of cities competing for the 2010 Winter Olympics excluded the Town of Fort Frances. At the rate of public facility development in your town, we thought Fort Frances was an Olympic contender for sure.
There is nothing better than having an Olympic-size ice surface. Our Olympic Saddledome is convertible from North American to Olympic-size. Calgary hosts every team in the NHL, spectacular ice capades, and world championship figure skaters; unfortunately, none of these activities are designed for the huge ice surface. Rather, they are all performed on the regular North American-size.
In fact, I cannot even remember the last time the Saddledome used the expanded surface . . . well except for the Olympics.
I’m sure, however, that you’ll find good use for the big ice. Why it will be worth building just to see the faces of the Bronco players as they hit that humongous rink, or the enjoyment of watching a player being treated for exhaustion after a breakaway!
Save us a seat (unless, of course, seating proves to be cost prohibitive, as in the auditorium).
Paul & Jane Overholt