Save the Memorial Trees

Dear editor,

An open letter to Mayor June Caul and members of Council:

I have been contacted by a number of taxpayers respecting the road work that will proceed on King’s Highway. It was stated to me that this road construction will result in the removal of the Memorial Veteran Trees, that were planted in recognition and memory of our fallen Fort Frances military heroes, who gave their life in the service of Canada during World War I and World War II.

I believe there were 80 Veterans from this area who lost their lives in those two World Wars. These trees were planted in honour of their sacrifice and their memory. It was meant to be a lasting tribute to them, including a lasting memorial recognition for the families who lost loved ones, who were in Canada’s wars to maintain our freedom and democracy; many of these family members still live in our community and district.

It seems there is absolutely no respect for this Memorial by Council. To cut these trees down is a sharp slap in the face of each of these brave Veterans who gave their life for this country. It is politically gruesome and disrespectful and as low as any politician can get in my opinion.

I am asking Council, on behalf of the people I talked to, to cancel this disgraceful event, out of respect for all our Veterans; especially for those who gave their life for our freedom and democracy, and their families.

These Veterans deserve better. Our community deserves better and those who gave their lives up in service, and their families, deserve better. So please, stop this project, or devise a strategy that will preserve this very special and unique memorial.

Please keep the Memorial Trees on Kings Hwy.

Yours truly,
Allan T. Bedard