Same old story

To the editor:
Fort Frances town council will be convening an extra, added cost meeting March 2 to pass a bylaw implementing what amounts to a retroactive increase to our sewer and water rates.
As they do so, I hope they will reflect on the past water and sewer increases.
When the new water treatment plant went online in 1986, a surcharge was added to our bills to establish a reserve for upgrades and maintenance.
Following provincial legislation enacted after the Walkerton tragedy, Fort Frances town council implemented phased incremental increases to our utility bills in order to facilitate upgrades and maintenance to our water and sewer facilities.
The 1986 surcharge quickly became an integral part of the utility bill and the “incremental phase in” period was shortened.
Aside from the obscene haste exercised by this council to extract another pound of flesh from us, I have an additional concern regarding the new fund. Apart from the required yearly audit, that identifies the flow of monies, it appears from my perspective that there is little, if any, accountability.
We already have two funds. What happened to them? They have been swallowed up in the general accounts of the town and do not exist as separate entities.
This will happen to the new “reserve,” and the council will be doing this to us again next year.
Robert Dakin
Fort Frances, Ont.