Safety concerns

Dear editor:
I would like to bring to your attention something which affects many of our elementary school children.
These kids are required to cross the highway to attend school on a daily basis. These children are walking to school every day—regardless of the weather conditions.
Last spring, the Town of Fort Frances decided to pay the entire cost of the sidewalk in the west end of town “primarily to address safety concerns about pedestrians walking to Wal-Mart.”
The town also has decided to install buoys and ladders at the end of First Street East in an effort to give swimmers a safer place to be. I think the town should consider putting crossing guards in place to ensure the safety of our children.
Other communities in our area—Emo, Dryden, Kenora, and Thunder Bay—provide this service for their school-aged kids. Why is our children’s safety less important?
I would like to form a group of concerned citizens to go to town council and ask for this service to be added into the budget A.S.A.P. I can be contacted at 274-6019 and would welcome any support, information, or concerns you may have.
Leslie Danielson
650 Thompson St.
Fort Frances, Ont.