Safety at stake

Dear editor:
In recent days, CN has reported that the UTU members are asking for an unreasonable wage increase. They have chosen not to mention that they are asking to dissolve rest agreements and mileage regulations.
In light of CTV’s “W5” report on rail safety, which aired on Feb. 10, I would expect that the company would hide its tail between its legs and forget that they ever requested changes to these agreements.
According to the “W5” report, CN had 103 derailments in 2005—one in which two employees were killed and another where roughly 500,000 fish were killed.
CN has stated they had a 26 percent decrease in derailments in 2006. But as a spouse of a CN conductor and a concerned citizen, this decrease continues to be unacceptable.
The federal Transport minister, Lawrence Cannon, has not released an audit report on railway safety because CN does not want it released. This should make all of the citizens of Canada very uncomfortable.
What disaster will the next derailment bring?
Perhaps any wage increase for the UTU employees should be called “danger pay,” or better yet “blood money”!
Edie Gustafson
Winnipeg, Man.