Road rage

Dear Mr. Editor:
Let’s talk road rage. I’m sure this happens every day but until Aug. 4, It hadn’t happened to me.
After waiting in line to go to the Falls for a half-hour, we were at the mill where the big sign says “Do Not Block This Opening.” There were two or three vehicles ahead of us and we were not blocking the driveway when a black car, with Ontario plates and a female driver, made a U-turn and slipped in line ahead of us.
Well, about 15 minutes later, as we’re getting on the bridge, another car, this one with Minnesota plates, darted across the road and slipped nicely in front of us.
Now I’m really upset. I told my husband I wouldn’t wait in line again.
That lasted until this past Sunday and again we’re in line waiting. After 20 minutes or so, as we again are approaching the turn to get on the bridge, here comes an employee of the duty-free shop. She crossed the road and all of a sudden, along came a truck, towing a large boat, that pulled up on the left side of two cars that were in line.
This employee of the duty-free shop handed the two men in the truck their purchase, turned and engaged in conversation with a fellow in one of the cars long enough for the truck and boat to get in line, then turned on her heel and left.
Nice, eh? Seemed like it was all planned. I’m not a violent person, but I could have been.
Thanks for your space. I feel better already.
Joyce Clarke
Fort Frances, Ont.