Road neglected

Dear Mr. Editor,
This is to make people aware that Stewart Road in the Township of Alberton has been in terrible condition since the spring thaw (late March). With all the rain, the potholes just keep getting deeper and deeper—and wider.
The township has not even bothered to display warning signs in the area that is so rough and hazardous. A non-resident unknowingly could easily flip their vehicle if they came down that road at night doing any speed at all.
We should not have to wait until this is tendered or for the next council meeting (June 8), as was stated in a newsletter advising us that our taxes will be rising three percent in the 2005 budget.
This road is extremely dangerous for travel. Numerous phone calls to the township office heed no response.
It surely would take only a moment to call someone to get a load or two of gravel, or cold patch spread on the road as a temporary fix until the township can tender a contract for having proper repairs done in July or September.
We feel this would be much better use of our tax dollars and will save many of us money on vehicle repairs, as well. Ducharme Road also is becoming very beat up in a couple of places due to extra traffic from motorists avoiding Stewart Road.
By the way, what do we get for our tax dollars? Perhaps another community party in the non-existent community hall, or a T-shirt if we volunteer to fix the roads ourselves??
We have petitioned to have the township make this a priority and give it immediate attention before lawsuits ensue for damages and/or injuries, which will amount to much more waste of our tax dollars.
Concerned residents and
taxpayers of Alberton
Editor’s note: The above letter was signed by more than 50 people. Obviously, they cannot all be listed due to space constraints, but they are on file here at the Times office.