Rewarding campaign

Dear editor:
It is with great enthusiasm and appreciation that I write this letter to you.
On March 7, tb!s (The Bargain Shop) launched its four-annual Paper Egg campaign with Easter Seals Canada.
This campaign means a great deal to our organization as the proceeds are dedicated funds to improve the quality of life for kids with disabilities across Canada.
There is immense satisfaction in knowing that we can, collectively, make such a positive impact in so many young lives and their families.
Nationally, in this year’s campaign, we raised $213,000. In total over the last four years, we have donated $658,000 to support these very crucial programs and the equipment necessary to create independent living opportunities for youth.
We would like to especially extend our gratitude to all of our customers who participated and gave generously this year, creating so many possibilities that wouldn’t exist otherwise.
In 2010, our customers donated $185,000 across all the communities in which we serve. As a result of fundraising events, paper egg sales, and coin box contributions, we will be sending more kids to camp this year to experience personal growth, undaunted challenges, and an exuberant amount of fun!
Casey MacKay, 14, the previous provincial ambassador for Easter Seals, puts it into perspective when he says, “Without the support of our campaign partners, such as tb!s, none of us would have the opportunities we have today. We thanks them for helping us achieve our goals!”
It is a privilege to take part in such a rewarding campaign with such visible results. We look forward to another successful and ground-breaking campaign in 2011!
Darcy Banman
Store manager,
The Bargain Shop,
Fort Frances, Ont.