Return manuscript

Dear editor:
I would like to address my friend, or whoever came into our Rainycrest room during the darkness of night and picked up my full and complete manuscript of my book contracted for print April 1.
The package of copy ready to ship the next day was in our easy chair at the foot of our beds when it was noticed missing by 6 a.m.
You should know this copy was prepared over a period of three years and mostly after a severe stroke.
It was sheer determination to complete the book to encourage children who are ill with Celiac disease to fend for themselves for a happier, healthy life for the future.
Children and their families across Canada and the U.S. would be helped.
Incidentally, the author’s name is on every page of the copy.
Bring back the copy—in daylight. We can have a coffee and check my spelling.
Thank you,
Norma D. Pattison
Fort Frances, Ont.