Restore hunt

To the editor:
Recently, it was reported that on the outskirts of Toronto, a costly operation involving a helicopter, police, firefighters, and 10 hours of time to finally tranquilize a bear.
This costly operation is just the beginning for people from the south.
When such incidents occur there, it becomes front-page news. An operation like this shows southern residents how important the safety of the people is at any cost.
This is well and good, and I agree that bears in our communities need to be dealt with. We all know that here in the north, our police and firefighters are doing all they can to deal with what has become a day-to-day problem without the front-page headlines or costly expenses.
We here in the north only have this problem due to people in southern Ontario having the political clout to have the spring bear hunt cancelled without due cause.
Bear-people encounters are on the rise and it seems no matter how loud we complain to our public offices, it takes front-page news and costly operations in the south before public officials start listening to us here in the north.
We here in the north choose to live where there is an abundance of wildlife, including bears. We also know the importance of having a spring and fall bear hunting season to control numbers.
Unfortunately, this whole issue began in the south and, unfortunately, can only be resolved in the south using your tax dollars and front-page stories.
Clifford R. Long
Cobblestone Lodge,
Ignace, Ont.