Dear editor:
I was at the special council meeting about the mill sale on Feb. 19 and there was no mention of Allan Bedard’s deputation, which he supplied copies of to the mayor and all council members, in the write-up in the Feb. 21 edition of the Daily Bulletin, which I feel it is remiss of you not to report all the news unless it was an oversight on your part.
I believe the citizens of Fort Frances have the right to see that information be put in the Times so people realize, if the mill is torn down, how it is going to affect them, such as possible loss of the 1905 power agreement, a seven percent or more rise in property taxes, and the possible loss or drastically-reduced pensions which many people in the district depend on.
There is also the environmental clean-up costs, not only of the mill but the wood yard, as well.
I look forward to seeing his deputation in the Wednesday Times. Thanks for the space in the paper.
Wendell Stevens
Fort Frances, Ont.