Remember us

Dear sir:
My husband and I are very concerned about the problems facing the forest industry.
We very often think we are the “forgotten people” out here in Northwestern Ontario. We chose to live here in this beautiful part of the country, but it seems like folks in eastern Ontario don’t even realize we exist.
My husband’s line is that “we are closer to Calgary, Alta. than we are to the capital of our province, Toronto.” And for the consideration we receive, we may as well join Alberta, never mind Manitoba!
One of our sons works for a pulp and paper company and another son has a business which deals with townspeople who are dependent on the forest industry. I realize we do not have a large population out here, but the industry employs nearly 100,000 people—never mind the “spin-off” industries.
We pay our taxes and our bills, and feel very strongly that we aren’t getting a fair deal from your government. We have supported your government in the past and hope you will come through with some very needed assistance to our part of the province.
We saw something in the newspaper about the difference in hydro rates between Manitoba and our mills in Ontario—unreal! The energy costs here are ridiculous!
Please have your government remember us!
Margaret Ann
and Harvey Hudson