Reducing costs!

Dear sir:
Re: Removing teachers from the roles of Computer Resource/Site Administrators.
Great! An outstanding idea! Please, John Snobelen, is there anything I can do to help you speed up the implementation of your (obviously) well thought-out concept?
Oh yeah, by the way, your idea of mandating an eight-hour workday . . . thank you, it’s about time!
Just a little something “houndin” at me though, John. If your intentions are to replace resource people with personnel from industry, according to local vendors, Novell Engineer rates are $125 an hour (FYI, Novell is an industry standard computer networking system now implemented by most schools), and their non-networking software technician charges are $65/hr.
Wait a minute. Let me get my calculator. Did you say reduce costs? My calculator says your plan will more than double costs! Or were you thinking that the teachers were going to do all this on their own time, you sly little thing you (but you said eight-hour days; now I am confused!).
John, there are those of us who are advocates for change if change results in a positive impact on students (I guess that is why many of us got into computers so many years ago). But your changes . . . . John, I have children in the school system!!!
Gerry Karchuk