Reasons not to be a jerk

Dear editor,
It would appear as though the only angle that dutiful son Nick Beyak was willing to take in last week’s letter to the editor was to attack Councillor Judson’s personal character and allege ulterior motives regarding Judson’s public criticism of Senator Lynn Beyak, Nick’s mother.
My guess is that Nick took this approach because he didn’t actually have any substance to challenge the content of Judson’s critique because really, all Judson stated was that his mom should probably stop being a jerk.
He’s not the only one. Nick, the Senate ethics office concluded that your mom was acting like a jerk and should probably stop acting like one. Seems to me like they might know a thing or two about ethics.
Everyone leads their own lives, but I for one am of the opinion that it’s usually a good idea to act like a jerk as little as possible if you can help it. Further, if someone tells you that you’re acting like a jerk I think you should at least maybe reflect on it a bit. Ask yourself the question, “Am I acting like a jerk here?”
Nick, here’s the heart of the matter. Out of 35 million of us, your mom found a few dozen Canadians on the internet who agree with her lunacy. Some of her internet friends expressed thoughtful and considered opinions I will acknowledge. Many did not. Many offered block text rants, nonsensical ramblings, and outright racism.
That’s kind of what you get when you mine the depths of comment sections on the internet, where people put little thought into the opinions they express because they can hide behind the veil of anonymity.
These aren’t research papers. These aren’t articles from peer-reviewed journals. Your mom is defending the YouTube comment section for crying out loud, and she’s made it her hill to die on. Why? I have no idea. But it’s a pretty darned crummy hill to die on–and a lonely one too.
Your mom doesn’t have the support of the Conservative Party. Your mom doesn’t have Andrew Scheer on her side. Your mom certainly doesn’t have the Senate ethics office with her.
Your mom has a few dozen Canadians who rifled off a smattering of angry and haphazard sentences from behind their keyboards, most of them over two full years ago now.
Do you seriously not see the idiocy of this charade?
Your mom isn’t a maverick renegade speaking truth to power. She’s not casting light into a world of darkness. Your mom isn’t a noble martyr swimming against the tide of political correctness.
Your mom’s being a jerk, and all people are saying is to stop being a jerk.
Nick, I’m a taxpayer too and at this point your mother is simply wasting my tax dollars with this farce. As for you, I’m of the opinion that you should just go kick rocks. Kick the biggest rock.
Matt Soprovich