Real travesty

Bev Johnson

Dear editor:
I am totally and passionately disappointed in our neighbours at Couchiching.
I would like to say that I have lived in this area for 27 years. During that time, I have worked in direct contact with a lot of the inhabitants on Couchiching and the other Treaty #3 reserves, and always have treated them with respect and thought a lot of the ones that I had the pleasure to work with.
However, this last episode with our closest neighbour has taken my 27 years of good rapport and totally destroyed it, and that is a travesty.
The saddest of all is that we are so intermingled and intermarried, that this is a crime against not only the citizens of Fort Frances, but the children of those intermarried persons, as well.
Mr. McPherson’s comments on his many, many YouTube publications tell so many untruths, it is very sad. He has caused so much dissension that I doubt if it can ever be repaired.
I can understand your wanting the government to clean up the sawmills, but the highway? That highway has served not only the community of Fort Frances, the Province of Ontario, the Country of Canada, but it also has served the Couchiching First Nation extremely well for the past 48-50 years.
I will not be paying any toll at your illegal toll booth. You will not have one thin dime of my 48 years of hard work and struggle to raise my family.
If you want prosperity, then you had better open your eyes because Mr. McPherson, you have had more prosperity having the Town of Fort Frances next door than you would ever have had without it.
And as for our legal system, I would like to know where it is written that any persons can legally disrupt the flow of traffic on any highway in this country. Where is our government, why are they allowing this kind of attack on the people of this community? Haven’t we paid enough?
I, for one, will not be voting for the present governments in any jurisdiction, provincial, municipal, or federal. You haven’t done one thing to help the people of this community—you are a waste of the taxpayers’ monies.
As a final note, I want to take my hat off to Charlie Tarrant . . . that was a great letter and was the total truth for the majority of the seniors in this country, myself included.
Yours truly,
Bev Johnson