Re-opening debate

Dear editor:
To say I am upset would be an understatement regarding the hasty name change at the Sister Kennedy Centre, now officially named the Fort Frances Senior Centre.
For this change to be reverted means it being brought back to the council table for another vote and must have special circumstances to do so.
This issue was dealt with by a previous council and was soundly defeated after being brought forward.
Here we have two councillors, Caul and Kitowski, who brought the issue to the table and surprisingly had Couns. Ryan and Brunetta support them in getting the name changed.
Here we go with trying to change history and opening the old Catholic/Protestant debate, which I thought was long buried in this community.
This fall when we have an opportunity to vote for the next council for the Town of Fort Frances, please remember who voted to change the official name of the Sister Kennedy Centre and, in fact, voted to change the name of Colonization Road. And some of you may be in favour of those changes and vote accordingly.
I must take issue with the name change. I believe a lot of misinformation and things being done too hastily led to this decision.
If people want to voice concerns, please call the councillors who voted in favour of this name change.
Would all of those voting for the name change, including board members, have done this if it had been named The Betty Kennedy Centre or The Kennedy Centre? I think not!
I have to wonder if the Ontario Human Rights Commission would feel that this is discriminatory!
Thank you for allowing me this space in the paper again.
David M. Bourgeault
Fort Frances, Ont.