Rainycrest unit warrants support

Dear editor:
I recently wrote a letter to the minister of health and the premier of Ontario concerning a proposal being put forth by Rainycrest Home for the Aged in Fort Frances to develop a cognitively impaired unit. I feel this would greatly benefit our district, and support their efforts fully.
In the last five years, there has been service after service taken away, layoffs, cutbacks, and amalgamations so that now in Rainy River District if you have a problem, need service, or help, nine times out of 10 you will have to get in touch with someone in Kenora or Thunder Bay. Most of the time these professionals are handling numerous cases and you will have a long wait for service of any kind.
I would like to know what exactly we have to do in this district to get Queen’s Park to realize we are here and we have real issues that need to be addressed. I feel it is about time the government stopped taking services away from the communities and started giving back.
Mike Harris promised in the election campaign that he would start putting money back into the health care system. Exactly when and where is he putting this money back I would like to know.
I am an employee at Rainycrest so you’re probably thinking I’m just trying to save my job. Well, of course that is one reason I am doing this (wouldn’t most of you want to try to do everything you could). But when these cutbacks happen at Rainycrest, this will have been the third time we have lost staff and support for our residents. With every job cutback, the ability to do our jobs successfully is demeaned. And every time we lose another staff member, a resident loses some type of care he or she was receiving.
I find this most heartbreaking that after every round of cutbacks, the real losers are always the residents who call Rainycrest home.
I hope this letter is the first of many from concerned citizens, employees, residents, and family members who support Rainycrest fully in its efforts to develop a cognitively impaired unit for Rainycrest Home for the Aged, and I hope the rest of the community will too.
It’s time to give back to the community!
Debbie Longmuir
Concerned citizen