Racist actions, racist words

Dear editor,
I am writing in rebuttal to Nick Beyak’s article about Senator Lynn Beyak. I am highly disappointed that a local businessman would come out on the wrong side of history and espouse colonial-apologist drivel in support of a local senator flagrantly violating ethics code.
Lynn Beyak may have very well “shown [her] love and respect for this community,” yet that love and respect has certainly not extended to Canada’s First Nations community.
Treaty 3 Territory in Northwestern Ontario is home to 26 First Nations. Yet Instead of educating herself and working to truly represent all residents in her area, Lynn Beyak is willingly perpetuating racism against her Indigenous constituents by failing to even recognize why Indigenous Canadians are in such a disadvantaged position.
Residential schools and centuries of genocidal policy has deeply harmed not only Indigenous communities but Canada as a whole, yet Senator Beyak continues to leave bigoted letters on her website, claiming “there is no racism in Canada.”
I applaud local leaders for calling for her resignation. This is not grandstanding or attempting to sow discord in our community, it is simply doing the right thing.
Lynn Beyak is an embarrassment to Northwestern Ontario and must resign or be removed from the Senate.
Dawson Mihichuk,
Fort Frances, ON