Quit littering

Dear editor:
I have travelled the roadways of Rainy River District, and many others, for years.
What has been increasingly noticeable is the amount of garbage that is being thrown out of vehicles along the sides of the road and in the ditches. Empty bottles, cigarette packages, coffee cups, and diapers (just to name a few).
My question is why are people doing this? Would you throw that same garbage on your lane or lawn?
We were once known as a clean, pristine country but that is rapidly falling by the wayside. Not only the roadways, but the rivers and lakes are getting the same treatment.
People obviously have no qualms about throwing beer can and bottles, plastic bags that had minnows in them, and other items I won’t go into. You are drinking this water!
Ask anyone who works in a water treatment facility about what comes onto the grid and you will be sickened by it.
That same garbage thrown in the ditches eventually finds its way into our rivers and lakes, especially during a flood or heavy run-off.
Please keep a garbage bag in your vehicle and train your children to not litter.
Let’s keep Canada clean! It starts with you!
C.K. McDonald
Stratton, Ont.